Six Extraordinary Benefits of PPC Advertising For Every Business

Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click advertising provides an easy way to increase your exposure and take advantage of the consumer search opportunities on Google, Bing, Youtube, and other platforms. By running paid ads on popular keywords related to your business, you can get your company’s name to the top of the results page.

PPC advertising has six amazing benefits

1.) PPC Advertising Helps You Reach Your Goals

Whatever your goals are as a business, PPC can help you get there. Whether you’re hoping to increase leads, grow awareness of your monthly sales promo, or just improve brand awareness, it can be achieved with a paid advertising strategy. PPC allows easier ways to promote your content and reach your ideal customer at every step of the sales funnel.

A great PPC strategy starts with first defining your specific business goals and KPI’s (Key Performing Indicators) that can change from season to season or year to year. PPC advertising campaigns can be very adaptable to a variety of businesses types and business climates. You can allocate budgets to different campaigns as consumer demand or product changes. Keyword choices can be product-focused to drive more business, or more general to draw new customers looking for your business services.

Once your PPC campaign is up and running monitor your KPIs to ensure that your campaign is achieving your desired outcome. If you are not sure what your specific goals are or need help defining and keeping track of KPIs in your marketing strategy, consulting a PPC advertising expert can help you reach your needs faster.

2.) Low Barrier to Entry

With a little optimization, you can see results in PPC marketing very quickly. It’s easy to set up and allows you to get hyper-focused with your targeting to reach your ideal audience right away. PPC platforms provide step-by-step guidance to get started on creating your ad, so you can set it up without assistance. Unlike SEO, which can take months to see the payoff, you can see results from a PPC campaign within minutes.

Metrics like impressions (share the number of clicks your ads actually get compared to the number of impressions they are eligible for) can help you figure out what your ideal budget should be for the area you want to advertise in. If you advertise in a very large area and your ad budget is too small, the impression share will be low because you may quickly run out of a budget. Raising the budget or tightening the area you advertise in can help you create a greater marketing campaign within your marketing budget.

3.) Total Customization

With PPC, you get to select every aspect of the campaign, which includes keywords, placements, targeting, and specific zip codes or cities you want your ads to run in. For the most part, you can pay as much or as little as you want (as long as it’s within a market range). If your ad isn’t working the way you want you can quickly make changes on the fly to try something new.

4.) Provides Trackable Data

When you run a PPC campaign through AdWords, the data automatically gets tracked by Google Analytics, so your not going in blind. Running a Google advertising campaign opens up a world of marketing data. The Google platform allows you to instantaneously view impressions, clicks, and conversions from your ads dashboard. You’ll know exactly who is clicking on the links to your web pages, how your traffic is increasing, and where your budget is being spent. Traditional ad forms like newspaper or TV ads don’t provide a clear picture of how your campaigns are performing.

This extensive data allows you to easily monitor your key APIs and discover new insights that can help you tweak your PPC campaign to improve advertising performance.

5.) Specific Audience Targeting

With PPC you can target your message to extremely specific audience groups, including:

  • At each specific level of the sales funnel – particularly people who visited your website before.
  • Audiences searching for niche long-tail keywords
  • Small audience demographics

By using a mix of different PPC strategies, you can increase the odds that your content will get in front of the right customers at the right time. You’ll be able to reach both existing customers and those who have never heard of your company before.

6.) Informs SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC advertising are both targeting the same types of users – those who use the internet to find products and services. The performance data that PPC provides can be used for keyword strategy and popular audience drivers for SEO campaigns.

Typically PCC advertising keywords will be targeted toward the start of the sales funnel. You want to show consumers your ads when they are comparing products or about to make a purchase. 

Ready to Add PPC To Your Local Marketing Strategy?

PPC advertising should be included in your digital marketing strategy. The data you receive will prepare you to not only continually improve your campaigns but also allow better targeting to your ideal audience. At Tekafari our PPC algorithm capitalizes on all of these PPC advertising features, optimizing your campaign bids for the best advertisements and keywords with little manual effort. 


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