Search Engine Optimization

SEO Marketing To Boom Your Business

The process of getting organic traffic through natural search engine results is often a technical challenge that many companies face, and yet many of them are actively striving to achieve the best and most effective SEO marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, only a couple succeed.

We at Tekafari want to solve these problems that marketers face by finding the right SEO campaign tailored to the personal taste of the company.

SEO or search engine optimization is a marketing tool that controls the quality and volume of website traffic.

The goal is to understand how using the right SEO techniques can be the equivalent of a successful strategy that benefits a company, focusing on traffic volume, organic results, and traffic quality.

Tekafari aims to find and improve a company's SEO strategy by reviewing its products and services; examining the strengths and weaknesses of the company; collecting valuable data and turning it into a "tailor-made" strategy dedicated exclusively to the company.

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On Page And Off Page SEO

Tekafari also examines On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO as key points in a robust systematic SEO approach.

On-Page SEO focuses on the use of tactics such as keywords, tags, meta descriptions, and copies of content created on the site.

These methods are used as a yardstick to determine a company's ranking in search rankings, which can predict overall site performance, content quality, and structure.

The Need For Keywords

Keyword optimization is one of the main factors for On-Page SEO for a website because one thing a company doesn't want to lose focus on is what their audience is typing or searching for.

For example, using long-term keywords can be a much better search engine optimization tool for dealing with current Internet users.

Off-Page SEO refers to page ranking schematics that occur off a website.

For example, the SEO tools used to do this include common promotional methods, such as social media.

Social media posts are often a popular way to generate many clicks and help increase site traffic.

For example, content shared by Google can be easily identified, organized, and distributed accordingly.

Another SEO tool is backlinks which deal with how other sites can link to someone's content through different domains to increase their rankings.

Such methods can be done by blogging for guests or by contacting others in the area.

Tekafari uses a system that seeks to help companies achieve their ultimate marketing goals that would otherwise be difficult to achieve on their own.

It's more about creating a new SEO strategy or studying competitors, but when it comes to solving a client's unique problems, examine their market position and see how they can rise over the competition.

Off-Page SEO

We provide exclusive bank links with private providers that only a select few have access to in the world.

Each backlink is planned to provide the most power and usability so your online presence rises above everyone else.

Local SEO

No one business is the same, so we tailor the services we provide to fit each one of our clients so that you can get the most out of the partnership you develop with us.

In short, your business will get all that it needs without the fluff.

Digital Marketing

On average over 50 percent of online traffic aka people use search engines to search for solutions to their needs compared to other platforms so why not use the number one source of traffic SEO.