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Benefits of SEO

Increased Traffic

Search Engine Optimization can generate a lot of increased traffic to your website by simply having one of the top positions of Google search engine  which results in having the majority of the clicks from people searching online.

By setting up SEO best practices your company products or services will result in having up to 40 percent more prospects vs paid traffic.

Having that top position on page one allows people to help find your website easier which is one of the critical things that you want with your business.

What is interesting is that SEO can be a less hands-on strategy compared to other marketing techniques such as social media and email marketing.

Return On Investment

One great aspect of SEO is that it can also be trackable by the increase in rankings in traffic and click-through rate to your site which then allows you to measure the return on investment results.
Another aspect that you may not realize is that once your website is in the top spot you continue to get free traffic that doesn’t stop, unlike paid traffic where you stop paying the traffic flow stops.
Through keyword analysis of what people are searching for that best fits their concerns and problems.
Search engine optimization can bring in more conversions and sales which tend to lead to higher closing rates.
Cost effectiveness
By simply targeting prospects who are looking for your product and services through search engines you get one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies.
Interestingly up to 85% of traffic to websites from google comes from organic search whereas only up to 15% of traffic comes from paid traffic which you also most compete with other marketers for the same spot.
Brand Awareness
Branding for your business is a key element especially if you want to stand out in Duluth Minnesota.
By ranking on page one in one of the top spots allows customers to be significantly more aware of your brand.
Plus a vast majority of consumers research brands, products, and services online before making a purchase.
Having targeted keywords not only helps customers to associate those keywords with your brand it also builds trust since first-page search results generally grant more trust along with credibility.
Competition is one huge factor in this modern day of the internet of things. Basically, there are easily over 250 million websites on the web that you will need to compete with.
Simply being on page 2 or 3 of search results means you are pretty much nonexistent online.
Having a page one ranking lets you compete out all the other websites along with competitors not using SEO.
While competition is spending much more on paid traffic that allows you to save more than your competition who is not ranking which then gives you more longevity.
That longevity means you have a more permanent advantage over those that are not ranking.
SEO Consulting Services
One important aspect of SEO services is that not all services are equal. Oftentimes there are five tips that you need to watch out for when selecting your services for search engine optimization.
First is to make sure when choosing an SEO company that they offer different price points depending on the size of the business.
SEO is Not the same for all businesses or companies for the reason that if you use the same strategies as your competition then your content would be lost and your website never found by your customers in Duluth Minnesota.
The second tip is the specific keyword optimization on your website is an important part of how search engines optimize your website pages for ranking and how effectively your customers will find you during a keyword search.
At Tekafari SEO Agency we begin the process of first by analyzing your content, then we find the keywords that are optimized along with alternative ones that increase your ranking on your website page that will bring you the best customers.
The third tip is to acknowledge that search engine optimization takes hard work for a company to develop a strategy along with finding keywords that will create high rankings with decent traffic yet have low competition.
Expecting to get bargain pricing for such service often results in very low-quality results.
Professional SEO experts charge a reasonable price based on their exceptional service and will stand behind the work that they deliver.
The fourth tip is the development of linking strategies is an important parameter for the search engines.
Your SEO company should not only perform a detailed linking structure analysis with your website but they should also show you exactly how they plan to improve upon it.
The fifth tip is that time is of the essence when it comes to SEO for the reason that you will most likely have competition in your niche trying to rank for the top spot.
The SEO company that you ultimately choose to work with must save you valuable time by delivering professional work that is within a specific time frame without having to hold their hand for each step of the process.
The experts of Tekafari SEO Agency work on improving your website pages rankings so you and your company can focus on what you do best to grow your business.


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